Our Story

We’re two sisters raised on fresh Taiwanese-style cooking by our mom, Mimi.

She's the one who taught us that heritage meals transcend recipes — they're about the joy of using impeccable ingredients, celebrating creativity, and doing things right. Mimi taught us the difference that farm-fresh vegetables, family-raised chicken, and pasture-raised pork can make. She showed us how sitting around a table to enjoy something warm that leaves you satisfied, not stuffed, can change your day. 

But, most importantly, Mimi helped us experience all that good food can make you feel when she would drive us coolers of individually hand-wrapped dumplings and her famous secret sauce to feed us and our friends in college or fill our fridges + freezers as time-strapped young professionals in NYC.

“You can nourish your body now with good food or take medicine later.”

our mom, mimi cheng

In 2014, we took a leap of faith and opened our first restaurant 
in NYC to share the joyful feeling our mom's food gave us with more people. Ten years in, with several restaurants and many culinary collaborations, we still stay true to our day one mission: nourishing and delighting your spirit with simply good food.

It warms our hearts that so many people have experienced the difference our approach to cooking can make. We're excited to showcase our family traditions and to share some good food with you.

 — Hannah & Marian

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