Family recipes. 
Made from scratch daily. Always fresh.

Fresh, local, organic

At the heart of our core values is to cultivate each season's best produce and the highest quality ingredients that we can find. We believe that eating organic and local food is the best medicine that we can give our bodies and that it's important to know about growing techniques. Eating local also helps strengthen the very community that we live in, maximize the freshness and nutritional value of our food, and minimize our carbon footprint.

Down to the details

We use low-sodium soy sauce and 100% Japanese toasted sesame oil in our dumplings. All of our oil is single-use only. We source quality meat from family-raised farms, prioritizing local farmers. We work with people with the same values as us, prioritizing the dignity of both the livestock and the farmers, and have proudly partnered with purveyors like Pat La Frieda, Pino's Butcher Shop, Dellapietra's Meats, and Satur Farms of Long Island to source the best pasture-raised/organic meat and vegetables. 

Food Allergies

If you have a severe food allergy, please do not order food from us—everything is prepared in an open kitchen and on the same equipment.

If you have an allergy not listed below, please email us before ordering:


All our dumpling skins are made of flour and water so are not gluten-free. While a few of our menu items do not have gluten ingredients, all of our food is cooked on the same equipment.

Soy Sauce

All of our dumplings except for the Mighty Veggie have soy sauce inside.

Single-Use Oil

our pan-frying oil is single-use 
only and non-peanut.


Our Mimi Cheng Chicken, Reinvented Classic Pork, and Mighty Veggie also have egg in them.

Sesame Oil

All of our signature dumplings 
have sesame oil in them (but 
not sesame seeds).

Sesame Seeds

Our scallion pancakes have sesame seeds as an ingredient.

Dairy & Nuts

Our monthly special may have dairy 
or nuts in them; please check with us if you're allergic.

Other Allergens

Our monthly special may have shellfish or other allergens in them. Please check with us if you're allergic. Everything is prepared in an open kitchen and on the same equipment.